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Sharing a wind :)

IMG_4670My dream had finally come true!

I started my first and special blog today as a first baby step towards my End in Mind.

Very special thanks to my lovely elder daughter who’s been my inspiration for what I do.  The background picture is taken by her in her 1st photography class in school. Looking forward for more beautiful and unique pictures sweetie 🙂

14 comments on “Sharing a wind :)

  1. Anonymous
    October 17, 2012
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  3. manghatmenon
    October 30, 2012

    Beautiful, Dina…! what better way to start than how you did, with your little one’s picture which is so cheerful and nice. pictures can really make a blog alive and you are fortunate to have a inhouse photographer. hope to read more here.
    all the best,

    • Dina El Nahas
      October 30, 2012

      Thanks Radhika,

      I would like to acknowledge your great support as you’re my inspirator to create my blog here!
      THANK YOU. I’m really delighted that you like 🙂



  4. shambavi7
    October 31, 2012

    Hi Dina

    Lovely splash of pink! and a pretty picture from your daughter. You have started with the right ingredients- love, nature and beauty. Wish you an enjoyable journey!

    • Dina El Nahas
      November 1, 2012

      Thanks dear for the nice words. I love your perception and special reflection on the blog 🙂

  5. Fotini
    November 5, 2012

    Hi Dina!!I love the color and the “feeling” that your blog gives.Waiting to read your posts!!

  6. CV Subash
    January 31, 2013

    The journey of a blogger can be very fulfilling, going by my personal experience.. Best wishes

    • Dina El Nahas
      January 31, 2013

      Embedding the personal experience within the recipe, that’s what makes it special and tasty 🙂
      Thx for your comment.

  7. Cindy
    April 4, 2013

    Wow, what a wonderful blog Dina! This is amazing and inspiring!
    With love and hugs,

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