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Mindfulness = Inner Peace…


While I was reflecting on being a mindful person or a mind full person, I found that my aim was to be a mindful person who has the built in inner peace, who can strive for quality time, who can relief the mind from thinking and organizing thousands of things a day.
But due to the daily routine life, stress and obligations we turned to be mind full people who are always thinking of zillions of things to do or to perform.
It’s time to leave the territory of being Mind Fullness people who are full and stressed out by lots of important and unimportant issues. It’s time to think out of the box and be mindful people who stay in the present rather than staying in past full of fear, guilt or expectations…
Mindfulness is a journey of self discovery searching for the inner peace. It’s time to take the journey through breathing exercises or meditation classes or reflection…


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