Towards a positive PERSONA

Sense the Inspiration & Stimulation

Discover your uniqueness…

i believe

To a better ME… When I started my first coaching session with my client, we kept on talking and talking until we reached area of the Self improvement and Self help.

After I finished my session, I had a long gaze on myself 5 years ago…Oh my God, coaching made me a a different person. I can reflect, ask powerful questions, empathize and most of all I have strong Self-awareness. I know what I like, dislike, makes me feel upset, makes me feel happy. I can acknowledge my self and others for doing positive achievements.

I would like to share with you the following link which I received from a colleague. This link is an online test to analyze the character and to reflect on the STRENGTHS of the candidates, which is a way towards a better ME…
<a href=”; title=”Discover your unique strengths”></a>
The link is:



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