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Mummy …please LOVE me as you used to!!!


During one of my Youth Coaching sessions with a very special group of coachees, we came across their lovely moments and memories that my coachees reflected on. It was a stunning moment for me when I heard their comments!!

“…our parents used to love us more than nowadays”, “my mum keeps on shouting at me while she didn’t use to when I was a KG student”, “These days, our parents are very stressed in expressing their concerns and fear than they used to do in past…” and so many comments that made me send them a long glaze and give them their space to share and reflect!!!

It came across my mind as a mother and not a coach a conclusion that sums up how my coachees feel and how I feel as a mother. My coachees feel so stressed, they strive to live back in a place where there is LOVE felt, heard and guaranteed than those days. My coachees struggle nowadays in their assignments, tasks, responsibilities and duties they face in their schools, although they know quite well that their parents and especially their mums had been dramatically changed and stressed out of their keenness of raising great kids. But that’s not enough for them!!

Yes, it’s not enough for them!! The coachees need to be rest assured that their mums LOVE them no matter what happens. Their parents need to show appreciation to what their kids had reached nowadays, without changing the state of expressing their LOVE and GRATITUDE!!

As for my status as a mother, yes I admit that I’m stressed and overwhelmed than I used to be with my daughters, may be this is due to our day to day concerns, routines, responsibilities and so many other things that might make me a tensed and less relaxed mother! But still I have to face the fact that I LOVE my daughters and will always love them no matter happens from them!!! My coachees’ reflections sighed my eyes to a trap that most of us fall in during our busy lives… We must show our endless UNCONDITIONAL love to our kids.

It’s time to stop running in the life’s race, seeking perfection and looking for tasks and duties completion. It’s time to take a deep breath to SHOW our kids the unconditional love. It’s time to be grateful for their presence in our lives.

Very special message to my daughters:

“Dear my beloved daughters, Thank you for being in my life, I LOVE you regardless of what mistakes you do, or pitfalls you have. I ADORE your presence in my life and APPRECIATE your inspiring existence in my life. Had it not been you were in my life, I wouldn’t have been a successful mum, educator and coach.


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