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Bullying and power of Reflective Thinking!

Crumbled paper

During one of my morning inspirations that were directed to youth and educators, I discovered the power of reflective thinking from different perspectives.
My message was addressed to the audience in a direction, while I received several different perspectives as feedback on my message.

My message was directed in the path of “BULLYING”, surprisingly the feedback received went through directions of friendship, life, obstacles and challenges.
It started when I wanted to share with the audience an inspiring story about the blank paper that is crumbled and wouldn’t return back to its original state.
I wanted to draw their kind attention to the terrible effect of bullying on students/victims.

Bullying can be presented in a sort of physical bullying, emotional and social bullying. I wanted to show them the terrible effect of bullying on the plain paper, and how it can be crumbled and can’t return back to its original state.
The crumbled paper represented the victim or the person being bullied and the terrible effect of bullying on that person.
Amazingly, when I started to ask the audience about their opinions on that paper and after being crumbled, I received amazing feedback from energetic and enthusiastic youth. Samples of the feedback I received represented the paper as our lives, when faced with obstacles and challenges it ruins our lives. Another feedback was presented from a 9-year old girl who viewed the paper as the friendship; if the friend hurts another friend their friendship can’t return back to its normal state.

The summary I concluded after this inspiration I received from the audience is that it’s all related to our lives, our personal states, our beliefs on the situations we’re all enforced to go through. It’s not only about bullying, it’s about how differently the audience perceive one message and surprisingly reflect on it applying the authenticity when relating it to their personal lives.

What a powerful tool we have and should deeply appreciate, it’s the tool of REFLECTION!

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