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Falling Leaves!

falling leaves

What an amazing life we’re living! As long as we’re living, there are daily lessons we’re taught when reflecting on our current status!

That’s what exactly happened to me lately. I was spending a quality time with “ME” when caught a glimpse on a flourished tree. I noticed how fresh was the tree full of green and fresh leaves from a side while the other side was partially empty from the leaves!

I noticed the massive number of dropping leaves that were brown, dried which were silently falling from the tree. I wondered what might cause such leaves to mutely leave its comfort zone and leave. Was it because the time or storms or simply they don’t belong nor fit?

I visualized the tree as life and the leaves are the people around us. Is it death that causes people to leave their life journey and move to another journey? Is it the number of fake people who leave our inspired lives and we dismiss them from our surroundings? Is it the number of conflicts and challenges that we face or meet and these are the people that can’t stand for it and can’t take it any more? Surprisingly I didn’t find a real answer to my inquiries that were popping inside my head…

The bright side was the newly fresh born leaves that were a sign of the contradicting life we’re living! Birth vs. Death! Friends vs. Strangers! Or New vs. Old!

What are your thoughts?

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